Get to a healthier place In a Healthier Space.

  • Basic

    Perfect for single individuals who want to use the equipment and pool, but don’t want to pay for classes. Valid at Roanoke or Botetourt only.

  • Individual

    Work out solo or bring the kids. Your membership includes up to two children 14 and under—free childcare too!

  • Household

    Great for families and housemates. Memberships include two cohabiting adults and dependents up to age 22 who live with them.

  • Medical

    With a “prescription” from your provider, you can find Wellness through Fit Rx, Recovery Rx and other medical programs backed by Carilion.

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Why Choose Wellness?

  • No Long-Term Contracts

    Pay as you go and get the most out of Wellness. Stop when you choose with no termination fee.

  • Discounted Rates

    Enjoy a discount for prepayment. Senior and corporate rates are also available.

  • Backed by Carilion

    Our experienced and credentialed trainers take Wellness to the next level. Medical memberships available too.

  • More Amenities

    Enjoy free gym towels and clean, spacious locker rooms with private showers, body shampoo and bath towels.


  1. Membership Type
  2. Roanoke
  3. Botetourt
  4. CRC (Blacksburg)
  5. Westlake
  6. Basic
  7. $49
  8. $49
  9. Not Available
  10. Not Available
  11. Individual
  12. $72
  13. $72
  14. $35
  15. $50
  16. Household
  17. $117
  18. $117
  19. $50
  20. $80
  21. Military
  22. Call for Pricing
  23. Call for Pricing
  24. Call for Pricing
  25. Call for Pricing
  26. Senior Individual
  27. $57.60
  28. $57.60
  29. $31.50
  30. $40
  31. Senior Household
  32. $93.60
  33. $93.60
  34. $45
  35. $64

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Medical Memberships

* Must be referred by physician to participate.

  • Fit Rx

    60-Day Membership ($60)

    Developed with physician guidance, the Fit Rx Medical Membership Program is designed to meet your individual treatment needs and is only available through your health care provider’s recommendation.

  • Recovery Rx

    60-Day Membership ($129)

    Developed with oversight of physicians and physical therapists, Recovery Rx is a clinician referred program conducted by credentialed trainers that focus on functional training for chronic issues.

  • Take Control Rx

    12-Week Membership ($120)

    Developed by clinical trainers, Take Control Rx is a clinican referred program designed for individuals with a chronic condition and facilitated by qualified clinical trainers.

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Want to help your employees find their strength? Ask us about corporate rates. We also offer discounted rates to individuals and households that prepay a year in advance.

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Our group exercise program is committed to teaching participants of all ages. Our mission is to instruct safe, fun, and motivating classes while educating and improving general health, fitness, and wellness. Enjoy a free one-day trial.

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