Carilion Wellness consists of five membership-based facilities: Roanoke, Botetourt, Downtown Roanoke, CRC (Blacksburg), and Westlake. For pricing and other details, please contact a Sales Representative by filling out our online form or calling:

  • Roanoke: 540-989-5758
  • Botetourt: 540-992-2993
  • Downtown Roanoke: 540-581-1111
  • CRC (Blacksburg): 540-961-8923
  • Westlake: 540-719-3150

You may choose to join the Roanoke or Botetourt facilities, which gives you access to both locations, as well as the Downtown Roanoke and CRC facilities. You may also choose to join the Downtown Roanoke, CRC, or Westlake locations, separate from the other facilities.