To access pool rules and regulations, please see the club handbook.

Indoor Aquatic Center

When you join, you can swim year-round in our Indoor Aquatic Center. This center will meet all of your aquatic needs whether it's swimming, aerobics or therapy.

Outdoor Pool

Our 25-yard heated outdoor pool is open five months out of the year (May 1 – Sept. 30). It’s temperature-controlled for your swimming pleasure, from the first day to the last. It offers both recreational and lap swimming, and is supervised by certified lifeguards.

Aqua Aerobics

The first two lap lanes will be CLOSED for Lap Swim during all Aqua Aerobic Classes when class is held in the indoor pool. See the group exercise schedule for class times.

Swim Lessons

At the Roanoke and Botetourt locations, we endeavor to provide all participants with a positive and enjoyable experience in and around the water. Each course combines skills and instruction in water safety and swimming. We offer both group and private lessons to allow for each person to find lessons that work well for them.

All group lessons run on a four-week set. We maintain a ratio of one instructor per every four students, except for Parent & Child classes which may have up to eight students.

Parent & Child

Children must be 6 months to 3 years

This course provides instruction for both parent and child. These courses provide instruction on support and holding techniques, selecting and using life jackets, water adjustment, changing positions, breath control, water entry and exit, and basic skills for swimming on front and back.

Level 1 – Beginner

Water Exploration | Children are generally 3 to 5 years

The objective of level 1 is to help students feel comfortable in the water and enjoy the water safely. This level touches on elementary aquatic skills, which students build on as they progress through the upper levels.

Level 2 – Advanced Beginner

Primary Skills | Children are generally 3 to 7 years

Students will work on fundamental aquatic skills, including learning to float without support, as well as additional locomotion skills. Students will explore simultaneous and alternating arm and leg actions, which provide a strong basis for future strokes.

Level 3 – Advanced Beginner II

Stroke Development | Children are generally 5 to 9 years

Students will learn to swim on their own for short 
distances. Students practice front and back crawl, as well as some elements of butterfly and breast stroke. This class also begins experience with treading water and begins working on rotary breathing (to the side versus picking whole 
head up).

Level 4 – Intermediate

Stroke Improvement | Children are generally 5 to 10 years

The objective of level 4 is to develop confidence in the strokes students have learned so far and improve on other aquatic skills. Students increase their endurance in front and back crawl, as well as building on their skills for butterfly and breaststroke. Elements of sidestroke and elementary backstroke are also brought in at this level.

Level 5 – Intermediate II

Stroke Refinement | Children are generally 5 to 11 years

During this course, students will work on coordinating and refining their strokes. Refinement takes place in all strokes as well as increasing endurance to swim greater distances. Flip turns on front and back are also brought in at this level.

Level 6 – Youth Endurance

Stroke Technique, Skill Proficiency | Children are generally 7 to 14 years

This level allows for students to choose among several options which prepare students to 
participate in more advanced courses or at 
competitive levels of swimming.

Jr. Lifeguarding

This option is targeted towards students who may be interested in competitive swimming or are interested in the use of swimming equipment and developing an individual swimming 
fitness program.

Adult – Beginner

Primary Skills & Stroke Development

Adults who are in need of basic water skills and would like to advance their swimming strokes. This level is customized to meet the goals and needs of individual swimmers. Lessons usually include instruction and practice basic combined skills associated with freestyle and backstroke.

Adult – Technique

Skill Proficiency

Adults wanting to use swimming as a fitness tool or be a competitive swimmer. Students will improve upon previously learned skills, as well as improving their endurance and will practice smooth strokes and techniques.

For pricing or other information, please contact the Aquatics Manager at the Roanoke location, 989-5758, or Botetourt location, 992-2993.